The pet boom

Hombre abrazando a un perro

The pet boom

There are more and more pets in homes around the world.

Six out of ten households in Mexico have one or more animals. This is not an isolated phenomenon. It is global. And, according to recent data, the long quarantines that the planet experienced due to the coronavirus pandemic have further triggered the trend towards the adoption of pets.   

Why are there more and more pets? Here, some variables: 

  • The factor of giving and receiving affection, inherent to the human condition, is the first great explanation. It is scientifically proven that the love and trust that humans have for pets dates back to ancient times.  
  • Having pets reduces stress and anxiety, among many other benefits that go beyond health. Fight loneliness, for example. Lockdown situations, such as the coronavirus pandemic, further triggered the trend.    
  • The reign of the DINKs dual income no kids , according to its English translation). They love to travel , meet friends and practice outdoor activities. And, as they feel that, in those plans, the children do not fit. For demographic experts, we are facing a new family organization. The statistics would confirm it: in Mexico, for example, there are ten times more dogs than newborn babies. 

A pandemic-proof boom 

Pets occupy a privileged place in the hearts, in photo frames, on social networks… and in the wallets of their owners, who are more willing to spend whatever it takes for their pet’s well-being. 

Food (with increasingly sophisticated recipes), medicines and veterinary medicine, accessories and various services (such as aesthetics, entertainment or life insurance) make up the ranking of the items in an industry that analysts describe as millionaire and is far from being stopped by the impact of COVID-19, as has happened with other sectors of the economy. 


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